How to get wax out from the carpet?

Candles are often used for lighting in homes, candle lights give a pleasant light to the houses, which keeps the home environment right, but these wax melts often stain the carpet in the houses. Here we are telling you some remedies with the help of which you can remove carpet wax stains.

How to get wax out from the carpet?

With the help of a butter knife

After the wax melts, it settles at the place where it falls and takes the form of a stubborn stain. You can rub this stain slowly with the help of a butter knife. Just take care that your carpet has no harm.

Use a plastic knife to remove wax from the carpet. Also, do not use a sharpened knife because if you use a metal knife or any sharp object, it can cause damage to your carpet and scratch the carpet. 

Iron the carpet

After the wax melts on the carpet, it hardens back after falling, making it very difficult to remove. You can use a hot iron to remove it and for this, you have to fold a cotton towel and place it on the stain and after that Iron has to be used on a towel that causes the wax to melt by heating and thus you can remove the wax from the carpet with the iron.

After iron, the wax melts and you pull it in one direction with the help of towels, you have to take care that the carpet should not get damaged.

Use carpet cleaner

If you have a carpet cleaner, you can use it to remove stubborn stains such as wax. You can apply a carpet cleaner on this stain and with a spoon, you can rub the spots thoroughly so that the wax stain is slowly removed. Seems like easy but you have to use this trick in such a way that there is no harm in the carpet.

Melting wax on the carpet causes a blemish and the stain applied by the wax is very stubborn. To remove this spot, you can use different carpet cleaners as stain removers.

Freeze the wax

You can use an ice bag to remove the stubborn wax stains on the carpet. For this, you have to take a piece of ice in a pack and place it on the stain that will completely freeze the molten wax and you can scratch it to remove.

If you have a zip pocket, you can use it to keep ice. In this way, when you keep the ice-packed, the ice water does not spread on the carpet and the wax gets removed easily.


You can also clean the stain on the carpet in the house with the help of a vacuum cleaner, for this, you have to rub the stained area thoroughly and clean it with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

Often people wash the carpet to remove wax stains, but doing so does not clean it, but it is likely to damage the carpet. If you use the methods given here, you can get rid of this stain and can make your carpet clean and safe.

Also, you can hire our experts available to clean all kinds of carpets and remove carpet stains.